Drafted 21 days ago (days zoom past)

Musings during Vaccination Exercise

The Act of Waiting-

.. It is not the actual act that keeps your heart palpitating.

It is the sitting by the corner anticipating your turn, the room turning unnervingly cold, with the sole company of the imaginary hurricane that turns our thoughts into a mess of turmoil.
It is the soft murmurs in the room, or the very peculiar quietness of it; the rhythmic chiming of the next number in the hospital room (how they flash vigorously!), the scruff of the chair as the previous student leaves having finished her oral exam; the ominous quiet ticking as you ascend the peak of the rollercoaster – and that single second of silence just before you fall

Across me, a baby bawls loudly as the nurses try their best at drowning her with ‘awws’ and ‘aahs’. She wails on. I want to be mollycoddled too..

And then it was over. And I walked out of the polyclinic with 3 jabs in a day, feeling a teeny bit braver (and poorer) than before. ^^


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