abstracts of the words that stayed

Step back and ask yourself – who am I?
Promoting the “I” self above all else – take that away

Seriously stand back and examine yourselves before you embark on any teamwork / fieldwork situation / homestay

Extract the kiasu self from your body, mind, marrow of your self

Working in a team effectively
Solving problems amicably
Help team members overcome hurdles and obstacles
Think about others

The kindness of strangers, the kindness of yourself
How much do you give, how much do you share, how much concern do you have
Instead of relying upon the kindness of strangers… What about ourselves?
Who am I – and extend your selves into new realms.

I feel so touched about everything. I feel so touched and excited and I just feel that this is absolutely, absolutely where I want to be.

It is what you choose to learn

This is education, I think

What do you want to learn

There are unlimited possibilities as to what you can learn

It’s just a first step – this experience might be something that goes with you for the rest of your life


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