Rare off day! Presently at Sukhothai – we have hopped from Sg – Msia – Songkhla – Ban Laem Chong Thanon / Phatthalung – Ranong – Kanchanaburi – Sukhothai, just to trace the trail
Rare time for myself, in my room, now
It’s going to be difficult to trace my everyday – everyday is exciting, everyday I feel happy, happy – bouts of stress and fatigue, but happy
Drafts from the first week
Hello from  Thailand!
The first 3 days have been nothing short of amazing – I feel so happy here, I’m excited at almost everything and I’m annoyingly chirpy all the time. Yup, one of those annoying seemingly-perpetually-happy-and-chirpy people who laugh really loudly. But I really am :’) 
My Thai buddy has been nothing but kind, forgiving, lovely. In fact, all the Thai people are. ‘The Land of Smiles’ so to speak –
some rough notes from the past few days
speech from Dr. Carl that I was absolutely enchanted by- i felt immensely touched by his words, and it is moments like this that will stay with me till the end of the trip or more. I only wish that I can have a TINGE of his charisma – those words…
Watching my silly roomies being all silly and teenage girly giggling in the room hehehehe and it’s only our third day together :’) 
Calling each other scaredy cat in Thai, roomy cute (cute = eyebrow or something HAHAH) I can just feel it, I’m falling in love with this scene, watching them rolling on their beds and giggling. 
I talked to Kaew, Vern, Wilda, Kwan, etc over the past few days. Along the streets, the sands, the coastal shoreline of Samilah Beach, on the bus… If we shared a common language of fluency, we would have been good friends. Our experiences as university students are (pretty) similar. Friendships, laughter. Conversations. I sat in the middle of them in the tuk tuk. On my left a Singaporean group of girls, on my right the Thai buddies. It struck me, as I sat between the 2 groups, that these were 2 groups of people conversing in different languages, but they were essentially the same. The tone, the figure behavior, the expressions, the exclamations of friendships. They were apparent. And they were human.
Of course they are, and of course I knew that. But what takes me in awe is my question of – what if I was born in another country, how would I be now. Very easily one of them. Our experiences parallel each others’ very deeply, and it is (almost) only the language that differs. 
Anyway, I had a really good time and I’m happy 🙂
day 1
thaksin university – meet buddy 🙂
orientation – underwear superman game, instructions one, had to do chicken dance forfeit thai-style
reclining buddha
seafood by the lake
day 2
i liked this day best out of the 3. we ate breakfast (simple, but so good) at their canteen (chicken porridge), went to the Thaksin Folklore museum where I lost my camera thing :'(, went to nangam (??) street – hipster cafe with SUPER YUMMY FOOD that I paid 100 baht for (89 baht per person only :’)) and then ice cream thereafter (tried it with egg white + nice lady – funny pushing money scene)
Beach at night, we walked along the shores and I remember talking to Kwan / Phim about school, orientations, boys.. sigh, being able to share opinions on things and finding that similarity startles me with joy. And I guess that’s pretty bad, because in experiencing joy at our similar experiences, I have been subconsciously Other-ing them.What makes them different from us anyway? Why should I be anymore surprised? 
I really liked this day because I felt like I had a conversation with some depth with them. 🙂 Also, knowing that they stroll along the beaches in the evenings, and hanging out together after school, and watching them in their tuktuks, eating the street food makes me so envious of the friendship they share. Such pure joy. Maybe it’s because I’m a third party, but from the way Kaew speaks of them, it’s very clear they’re all sweet, nice people. My kind of people…
I’ve never thought of myself as a talkative / social kind of person, so it really strikes me as strange that I’ve been receiving remarks like that over the years. I mean, it’s almost bizarre, because I know I’m pretty shy/private with people. I guess I’m mostly surprised, because they don’t seem to be able to see through my cover. I guess it makes me wonder if i really do fake things really well. 

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