I liked this night best

Before we knew it the sun had set, and darkness beckoned. We had missed the boat, and were unsure as to how we’d proceed to our supposed destination. We gathered in our pool of positivity, sat in a circle of food and laughter. Look! someone said. The stars had started to spread across the night sky.

Then –
Warning shots from across the Thailand-Myanmar border pierced the silence of the night. There were flashing lights, and there were murmurs, and there were whispers of crossing a border, and to keep down, lie low. We climbed onto the back of trucks that had arrived, squashed together and huddled close. The truck rockily edged forward, and we were off!

From the modern eye I was sitting on an amusement ride, a rocky ride in the theme park. But this wasn’t a ride, this was real. We were edging forward along a rocky terrain, tree branches scratching the edge of my skin. I wondered for a moment if this was how the refugees, the migrant workers, the holocaust victims, went through when they first boarded the vehicle. They would huddle closer, unsure of what lay ahead. There would be fear, but there would be nervous laughter, and cheerful chatter of the other mundaneness, to remind them of the ordinary. Most significantly, when the truck finally roars into life and trudges ahead, there would be stars. A vast sky of beautiful night stars that brought the simplest joys and hope amidst the dark.

-inserts mental picture-

I caught sight of a shooting star. I forgot to make a wish because I was excitedly exclaiming to the rest. It took me a second to think about what I should wish for, and then I realised very simply – or not -, I wished to be contentedly happy.


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