I don’t know if it’s because of FS, or because I turned 21, but I have never felt more appreciative of life. I feel thankful, lucky, and appreciative for everything I have, I had, and am having. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed, and it dawned on me that… I’ve realised my meaning in life. What life means to me now, I think, would be moments. Moments frozen in time, where you are happy, you are sad, you are troubled, you are afraid; no matter. It’s the experiences that you go through that blow your mind, that freeze your thoughts, that captivate your visions, that keep you in awe – I live for these moments now, I think.

How incredibly fortunate I am. How do I not forget this feeling?
I want to bottle up these thoughts and emotions of deep contentment and appreciation and breathe deeply into it whenever I lose sight of them when dark clouds gather

Field Studies has been amazing in many ways. 10 days to home, I am happy and sad and I don’t know how that could be.

Children are the sweetest. I mean, they CAN be pesky after awhile, but really, they make me smile and giggle and laugh. And, they (fight to) hold my hand. :))))


Tonight, one of the moments would be J + E + I singing (wholeheartedly) Karaoke at 1+am


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