The last night on this bed, under the soft warm blanket

There are so many things that I’m going to miss about this village.

The sturdy roof stacked with leaves that sheltered us in every way, the weaved bamboo walls that chased the cold winds away, the mud walls of our ‘classroom’. The grainy sound of shuffling pebbles as we walked to the classrooms and back home. I remember feeling surprised at how sturdy these structures were, and how they held up.

The stupid roosters to be shooed away, the meow meow in our dining area (awwww :(), and most of all, the children. The children.

I have taken so much away, it’s amazing what 6 weeks can do. I have been presented with such a rare opportunity, for everything that we did, as participants without a worry for the planning, the accommodation, the fear of the setting sun during travels, the fatigue of driving. I have been only a participant, allowed to fully bask in my experience. To have fun, to learn, to grow. And they’ve ensured that, and they’ve succeeded.

FS is one of the most beautiful memories in my life. I believe this thought stays with every single one of us. This journey has been so amazing I hold this thought almost everyday, just before I sleep, how damn lucky I am to be here.

Right now I’m still here, but it’s hard to believe its my last night in this snugly blanket, and that in one more day I will be home. This feels like a dream – and if so I don’t want to wake up just yet. I haven’t raved on and on about their hospitality, their kindness, their ever-open helpful arms, their smiles…

I think I’ll come back someday, this time as a tourist


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