Behind me, a baby gurgles happily as she gazes, wide-eyed, at the window – the clouds, the skylines, the blur between land and infinity.


sunsets on a plane

I love being by myself
I forgot how much I enjoy solitude
And I really do, I really do
Love the long bus rides
The random wandering about the street
The getting lost,
The speaking to strangers for directions

much love! the keepers

hello there sweetie 🙂

i got on the plane, watched half a movie, closed my eyes. when i opened my eyes again, it was 2 hours to landing. i got off the plane at London Heathrow at approximately 5.10am. I was thrilled, beaming as I walked out of the immigration with my freshly-chopped page. The beginning, you see – brimming with excitement. alone, free. i could do this, i would do this. never wanted this more.

found my way to Steve’s (who was very nice) to dump my surprisingly heavy luggage – navigated past many houses and people – i CANNOT help but feel that when I smile at people nicely they will not harm me. everyone I asked and spoke to has been so nice – this is where one may groan, how naive, but at this point I sincerely believe so. Until my bubble pops, then…

Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum
crazy chasing for trains, buses, planes – and here I am now in Switzerland. Part of me feels terribly relieved (even somewhat surprised) that I’m here. Sometimes I just feel that in another parallel universe, in the darkest timeline, it is very much possible that I’m stuck elsewhere. 
 🙂 🙂 🙂 walked into the arrival hall, never been happier to see the familiar giant 🙂 🙂 🙂

Purging all of my feelings out right now, before I explode into flames of “omg, omg” at the next person
I am so jittery when I am nervous
How do I hide all of this anxiety inside me

So the first strike’s unleashed itself – already?! I think – but I am also hoping this means the rest is gonna be okay, as with last summer. The first, and then peace. Gonna calm down now, gonna calm down now

You can never be fully mentally prepared for things
I like to picture situations and place myself in them; me under the most dangerous circumstances, the most silly, the most unexpected, to somehow prepare myself for them. Brace myself mentally, so when that happens, it will not strike me with a huge blow; it will be softer, perhaps, cushioned by previous ‘what if’ bubble.
Clearly it doesn’t work this way. The thing is, you can picture the situation a hundred times, guess the hundred ways it happens, the thousand ways you’d feel, but you can never be prepared enough. It doesn’t help, this, mental preparation so to speak. It does nothing to ease the emotions that surge through your veins when pictured situation unveils.

I love when rain falls like wet curtains, layer after layer of perfectly shaped individual drops. It is so easy to think of rain as a collective unit, one consistent and omnipresent mass. It is so easy to forget that each raindrop is falling to meet the earth for the first time.
So too are we.
Always falling alone, but part of something so much bigger, so much more beautiful than we could ever be alone.

– Tyler Knott