Behind me, a baby gurgles happily as she gazes, wide-eyed, at the window – the clouds, the skylines, the blur between land and infinity.


sunsets on a plane

I love being by myself
I forgot how much I enjoy solitude
And I really do, I really do
Love the long bus rides
The random wandering about the street
The getting lost,
The speaking to strangers for directions

much love! the keepers

hello there sweetie 🙂

i got on the plane, watched half a movie, closed my eyes. when i opened my eyes again, it was 2 hours to landing. i got off the plane at London Heathrow at approximately 5.10am. I was thrilled, beaming as I walked out of the immigration with my freshly-chopped page. The beginning, you see – brimming with excitement. alone, free. i could do this, i would do this. never wanted this more.

found my way to Steve’s (who was very nice) to dump my surprisingly heavy luggage – navigated past many houses and people – i CANNOT help but feel that when I smile at people nicely they will not harm me. everyone I asked and spoke to has been so nice – this is where one may groan, how naive, but at this point I sincerely believe so. Until my bubble pops, then…

Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum
crazy chasing for trains, buses, planes – and here I am now in Switzerland. Part of me feels terribly relieved (even somewhat surprised) that I’m here. Sometimes I just feel that in another parallel universe, in the darkest timeline, it is very much possible that I’m stuck elsewhere. 
 🙂 🙂 🙂 walked into the arrival hall, never been happier to see the familiar giant 🙂 🙂 🙂

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