Seepark (Freiburg)

The beauty of having a poor sense of direction is that it forces you to talk to people, and the beauty of talking to people is finding out things you’d never expect to know. A connection to another being. Aha, finding ways to justify myself again. Hehe. Met a Holland tourist / missionary who worked in Bombay for 33 years (learnt how to pronounce Utrecht properly) an African doing her masters, a German student from Dusseldorf, several people (old man, old lady) who earnestly tried to explain to me in German the way.

i spy with my little eye:

Cleaning itself less than a metre from me, unabashed
sunny freiburg is sunny

As I strolled along the park, rays of sunshine beating down my back,  I was reminded of how beautiful the world can be. Why did I ever question the bleak thought about the meaning of life? I think, if ever I feel so bleak again, what I should do would be to spend my last penny on an air ticket, talk to every stranger who smiles back, and you’ll remember again.

At this point, I decided to put down my bag, sit with my ice-cream and enshrine the moment in pixels.


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