Black Forest – Schauinsland (Freiburg Adventures)

Dutifully blogging, I’m proud of myself really 🙂

Schauinsland – part of the Black Forest – check!

 Walked around Augustinerplatz – spotted the most BEAUTIFUL windowsills and doors. My, how I’ve always wanted my hosue to look like this. I was very much enchanted with it (gush gush, gush gush) and attracted weird stares. I liked it so much:
Cher ended class, and we met for lunch before heading to Schauinsland.

mining museum, where i did not understand anything except for 1 joke expressed visually. but i had the flyer, and i do enjoy listening to foreign languages – it sounds melodious to me, i am somewhat fascinated 
 hipsterz miner

 the bench photo
 the shu nu photo
 the awkwardly self-timed photo
 the last photo before we headed down, flies in face
flies in face BUG OFF

I took this photo while we were in the nice strangers’ car

I like to think that everything happens for a reason, and this has helped me in many ways because THINGS REALLY DO HAPPEN FOR REASONS

Tonight our apartment had a blackout. I sat by myself at the edge of my room to get that tiny bit of light from the outer corridor, until a new Vietnamese girl walked in (who just came on an 18 hour flight, mind you), followed by Yulia (or so it is pronounced) and then Sam. We walked around trying to find the electrical box, worrying about the chicken in the fridge, our unchargeable phones, and then had our mini introductory session by the corridor. Maya later walked out and talked about the possible cause. Anyway, it was funny and someone said “enough drama for tonight” and Sam said it was rare we had all girls here. They talked about going for a walk together, and I smiled but I was sad I wasn’t studying here. I was leaving this weekend.. 😦 They were so nice! Also, Julia (Yulia) said she loved my skirt, and that I had cute outfits. HEHEHEHE. I like crowding along corridors and chatting, it reminds me of my l5sw.

My first proper solo trip tomorrow, to Strasbourg! Excited 🙂 I cannot speak a word of French, I only hope all goes well xxx.


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