Goodbye Freiburg

Last glimpse of sunshine filtering into the room. Goodbye Freiburg, goodbye room
Such a meaningful one week in beautiful Freiburg. I have gained a lot in this one week, and I’ve gained a lot in staying in this apartment and talking to my flatmates. Sam has been so nice to me, she’s been not only a host but also a friend. We had breakfast together, and I cooked her omelette (and I am absolutely relieved that it tasted quite nice), and she gave me muesli. I’m really lucky to have met someone so sweet 🙂 

Aldo came to Freiburg today, met my cray cray friends at the Seepark

Aldo and I played miniature golf, Cher cheering me on. Highlight of the day – I WON!!!!!! I HAD 2 HOLES-IN-ONE!!!! I WON ALDO I WON ALDO ~~~ And that’s something I’m gonna remember forever, HAHHAHA. 😉
looking pro so i’m trying to imagine how i must have looked……. 

Me photo of dinner, which i quickly and discreetly took so i will not reinforce the asians-who-take-photos-of-food stereotype. HAHAHHA
My flatmates sit in the kitchen, lie on the sofa and talk. Reminds me of hall, we talked in the kitchen today (i feel like i learn something new everyday), before room-visiting and comparing rooms. Reminds me of hall once again. It’s really nice chatting with them, and I wonder if it’ll be the same in Loughborough. I really hope so.

Overly wordy post, but I’m actually pretty tired, today i slept in (until 10am) but right now I still have to pack. So lazy to drag myself out of bed in this weather. I want to snuggle in this comfy bed (which i have to part forever in <12 hours)  and sleep……..

to rmb: gas that costs $3 per GALLON in the US, education that costs $240,000, pets


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