Strasbourg, France

My first solo trip – it was amazing in many ways and I will always remember it 🙂

Trying to blog as dutifully as I can, because I know these memories will be left in their albums untouched if I let the moment pass. So here I am to keep them safe here- this is a place I like to revisit again and again.

I hope this zest and diligence continues all the way!!!!

Today feels like one of the best days, where my heart’s spilling with happiness across the beautiful lake in Strasbourg. But I know that more of such days will come :’) :’) :’)

Woke up an hour earlier than my alarm, clearly my body was tense from the fear of oversleeping. Couldn’t get back to sleep, lay in bed awhile (while checking the clock every 5 mins) and when it was appropriately early I leaped out of bed (50% phone batt, due to last night’s blackout) and I WAS OFF

Strasbourg was beautiful, and I was so happy! My first step into France- I was so happy I was beaming everywhere I went. I think people thought I was smiling at them (well I guess I do look like I was) and they smiled right back at me. It makes me feel like everyone is so friendly!
I was practically skipping down the streets- I was so happy, so happy :’)

Asked around for directions – cant get enough of that sexy French accent HAHAHAH. I was afraid my English speaking self would be ignored in the French/German-speaking landscape, but nope! I realised, though, that saying “hi/hello” gets ignored (I.e. they keep walking on), but I suspect it’s not deliberate. I’d use “bonjour” and they’d turn around immediately- I think they’re just not sensitive to the English ‘hi’.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg:

Climbed a thousand steps (or more) up the cathedral, legs quivered slightly when I finally reached……

Astronomical clock tower – the man was nice, he also said I was beautiful. But it was after i asked him how to pronounce merci clearly. I guess i was supposed to reply what I’d just learnt, but i stumbled abit and said thank you. Merci! And then skipped away to the Palais Rohan.

La petite (petitE) France (frOnce) was actually so near the Cathedral, but I wanted to retrace my steps to the bus stop (it was only 10am then) and I ended up walking at least 1.5km (or more) to the place. It was pretty, but my excitement had worn off halfway through the walk (with some konichiwa along the way). Nonetheless, I stumbled into Vaugan Bann on my way, so hurray!

French fashion mag

le tangled look

Strasbourg is beautiful, but its also pretty touristy. Clearly tourists crowd the cathedral everyday, and clearly the shops are ready for the throngs of them. Nonetheless, I enjoy basking in the tourist gaze I suppose. 🙂

I must have walked a thousand miles today. Also, I survived on chocolate and French pastry(!!) and a typical Alsatian bread, so Olivier says. And water coolers. Happy, happy happy :))

‘The grass is always greener on the other side… This applies to everything – life, love, work… Everything.’

Au revoir! (Au vour)

small details i’d like to remember:  alsatian bread, museum man, old man who directed me in french, their lisid (??) after college that includes cooking, gardening, SELLING, …, eurozone and currency
night: sweden welfare state taxes 30%, gustav


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