Cologne, Germany

I like cities with blue skies. 
Cologne did not have particularly blue skies, and it’s been one of the coldest cities so far, but the experience and company I got from here has been one of the best ones, and that makes up for everything. And that makes Cologne special to me.
My awesome room in Cologne, that comes with breakfast!!!!!! 

Earplugs, and sweets!!!! For the latter, my heart is sold, always
Schildergasse – shopping street (gina!! tricot!!) but i contained myself and my wallet well
THE Cologne Cathedral
Unfortunately, I think the past cathedrals (e.g. Strasbourg’s) has rubbed off some of the fascination away, which made me somewhat sad because, well, I want to be filled with wonderment forever
Beck showed me around today. After 509 steps we were at the top of the Cologne Cathedral (that never-ending climb……) 
view (inside me comparing with Strasbourg’s, but really! i should just appreciate this)
* not representative of writer’s views *
So that’s me and Beck, my Turkmen friend (and I say friend, because I sincerely felt so, having talked SO MUCH) and our only photo, which a stranger offered to take at the top
Diana was in school, so she didn’t join us, and I never got a photo with her and her pretty eyes (hahahha)
 The love locks bridge, the park, the nice view from behind the bridge. The fragrance museum, where I got a bottle of the original Eu de Cologne.

Seriously, I’ve really enjoyed talking to people and it fills, to some extent, that void inside me that craves for THOUGHT. THINKING about things, getting PERSPECTIVES. Squeezing my brains dry. Other people’s views that stick with you. That you’ll carry with you. ‘Yes and no“.

psychological experiments, economics, geography, childhood games, parental management, grandparents, internet, calling (no skipping), domestic abuses, divorce rates, househusbands, macdonalds, movies (slumdog millionaire/inception/walle/memento/up/chucky), meaning of life, religion, god, breakups, love, drugs, capital punishment, internet, nintendo, super mario (but not pokemon), LGBT, whatsapp, wechat, demolishing old buildings,


At this point, I’m pretty mindblown. Just 2 days ago I knew nothing about Turkmenistan and now I’m just googling and gawking at the screen. An outsider’s online portrayals / perceptions of the place, emphasis on certain information, the kind of impression it conveys about the country, the people – these are just the ‘mass media’, we did talk about that. And I feel like I’m witnessing these first-hand. 
From these online sources the impression I get of the society, of the people, are those which contain a tinge of ignorance, of negativity. But because I spoke to Beck for hours before I read these articles, the impression I’m getting is very different. What I mean is this; if I had read these, my impression of Turkmenistan would have been rather poor, I would think. But because I began the other way round – I understood Turkmenistan from a local, and then the internet, it was very much different and helped neutralize the views. I understood what the Internet did not emphasize on, and how it emphasizes on the juicy stuff. So I guess I’m shocked, …

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