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 Good travel companions
Crazy, Stupid Love and Hairspray on my way – both of which were so good. Can’t believe it took me so long to watch Hairspray, I should really be ashamed of myself.
Love the 1960s context and the social issues they weaved into the show
And uhm… Link Larkin 😉
While waiting for the bus to Utrecht, I spoke to 2 girls from Israel. I learnt that they were Jewish, and that in Israel they they had a Holocaust Day, like another holiday, where they played Holocaust movies and had ceremonies in school. They had annual trips to Poland with the school (as with German schools I think), where they visited concentration camps and memorials.
Sometimes the things that seem so mundane and so normal to us are so surprising or bewildering for others. For instance, English as our first language. Our chewing gum ban. Our non-mixed dorms. The 7th month.
So here I am now, hi from the Netherlands!!! I always wanted to visit the Netherlands, so I’m really, really happy to be htere. My geographical imagination – green, peaceful, windmills. (I told the students, and they laughed. hahahah)
I’m on the bus now and we passed by the canals, and i like this place already, very much so. Can’t help feeling this surge of familiar happiness again, bred with excitement, bliss, and appreciation for everything that I have and am having.
Lying in the bed of a fellow Geographer’s room after a lovely night of chatting. :’)

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