Maikel, Madeleen and Me! / Goodbye Utrecht

Today was a day of cheese, stroop waffles, Dutch candies, coffeeshops, Dom tower, running man
Best day in the week 🙂
Madeleen and Maikel – it was nice to meet him again, although circumstances have changed (HAHAH) but it’s one of those times where you thought you’d never meet that person again, and then you get the chance to! It was a great day, and I’m pretty sure all 3 of us had alot of fun 🙂
 Dutch candies, Dutch candies everywhere!!!
Spotted: case study of Singapore in her textbook on Cities and urban planning, + TC Chang! Hehe I was surprised………. #nerdyee

they took me to a secret spot, and unfortunately it was emptied… but the signs remained

spotted: a coffeeshop! 😉

my great company for the day :))

comparing education systems – initiated by Madeleen, but it’s very relevant to me and it’s something I’d like to understand more about now, from other cultures

100x more appetizing than it looks – we marched around nervously in the kitchen, wondering how it’d turn out and it was yummy!!!! but they kept laughing at ‘bak kut teh’, which apparently means something not-very-nice in Dutch…. hehehe
Talked about awkward things and random stuff and watched running man thereafter, which was sooooo funny hahaha and by then it was almost 11, so it was time for Maikel to head back
Saying goodbye – the Dutch way 🙂 
Sad face because it’s my last night in Utrecht, a city I dearly feel for!!!! Initiated by Madeleen NOT MEEEEE hahhahaha
So it’s goodbye Utrecht (my favourite city, still) and hello Maastricht! 
Here’s what I’ve learnt here that’s particularly interesting – Geert Wilders, and Sinterklaas <- very, very surprising festival I never knew about – santa-claus-ish + carrots in shoes!!!!! (and his apparently black slaves?! Hahaha) 
Dutch cheese and cheese samples / PROOST or you get bad….. for the next 7 years
and of course 40% of Netherlands being under the sea level! Windmills
(^ wordy because I didn’t pen down and inscribe those emotions at the point they occured, and they have passed 😦 *writer’s woes*)

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