Utrecht, the Netherlands

Utrecht is one of my favourite cities. Top 3 now, definitely.
I really like the Netherlands, maybe because it feels like a free city to me – euthanasia is legalized, homosexual marriages are legalized, the cities are peaceful, green (different and preferably unassociated/unrepresented by Amsterdam, as the locals have pointed out)
My first time couchsurfing was with Madeleen, and it was a such a great experience :’) 
5 minutes after we met she tossed me her keys and said “here, make yourself at home”
maps all around her walls, her tables, the walls along the toilet
i’m lying in the bedroom of a fellow geographer, one who understands about cultural differences, about the fascinating ways of life, about travel
i think her passion for geography and understanding the WORLD and its cultures should really serve as an inspiration for me

Dinner on the first night! Something typical Dutch, I think it’s called the stamppot

On the second night, I tried microwaving rice for the first time with the guidance of Erik and WE ARE PROUD TO SAY IT WORKED!!!!! 
doors, doors, doors

tried the frikandel

The Dutch, and their slicing of cheese

FAIR TRADE CHOCOLATE – something we do not particularly have in sg

windows – and the lights filtering through to form a pattern on the floor


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