Maastricht, the Netherlands

Maastricht is a beautiful city, and being a student city it feels safe, and nice and snug. Many ice-cream shops with yummy stroopwafels-flavoured ice-cream ❤ speaking of which, i love these syrup-oozing stroopwafels and their maple-filled sweetness. 🙂
 For some reason though, I still prefer Utrecht. Maybe because Utrecht came first, or maybe because I spent a longer time there, but somehow Utrecht stole my heart in ways, I think. The street graffiti, the canals, the windmill and the doors.  Yes, that’s why I loved the city. Pretty interesting, then? I remember reading somewhere that building water bodies create attachment to the place, and yes it seems to work on me. Freiburg’s rivulets, Utrecht’s canals.   But Maastricht is lovely in its way too, especially with a cute sexy host 😉

cooking dinner on the floor. HAHHA
beautiful doors, doors, doors 🙂

stumbled upon random sheep grazing

  On the second day I wandered around on my own, and I stumbled upon a park (which we couldnt find the next day, hmm…) and there were goats (whom, I might add, are my friends and who bring waves of calm over me when I stare at them or talk to them) and donkeys and ducks wandering around. Parents held their children by their hand as they giggled wildly, running around tossing bread over the enclosures to the goats and the donkeys. The ducks roamed freely, quacking loudly. 

The little girl ran to her mother, took the bread and ran to the donkeys, placing them in their open mouths while whispering sentences in Dutch I did not understand, but which sounded like ‘you’re welcome, you’re welcome’ to me. She then ran back to her mother for more bread, and the cycle continued for awhile.  At that point I thought to myself, I really want to bring my kids to feed animals. Doesn’t it cultivate a kindness to animals from a young age? Letting them feed out of your hand, and you gently pat them thereafter – a connection, sealed.  In a conservation park like this, that is. In zoos they become commodified, an entertainment, where you pay to feed them. Here, in an open park that you take a stroll in on a weekday/weekend, it’s… soothing. 

800 year old cathedral converted into a bookstore

Dutch candy – chewing on a piece of wood…..


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