Life is coming to some sort of a lull – not in a bad way, of course. This feels like the beginning of settling down.
^ only for the first two days, i later realised
My brain has not been working much because of the company I’m currently hanging out with that requires minimal brain stimulant……… so here’s mainly pictures for me to keep track of what I’ve been doing.
Mainly, eating. Mainly eating Asian food. HEHEHHEE 
1 POUND PRIMARK PICNIC MAT (and a very poor quality iphone4 photo)
 me, cooking while lyn helps out
(mini) mahjong and cheat with flatmates hehehe
 can self-time anywhere
 sigh enough with this twisting thing
 omg its a serious bug
 our attempt at celebrating mooncake festival – singing songs, playing with cups…… watching youtube videos on chang e. 
#thatmoment #twisting

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