a month later – this one’s for me

Navigating back to Steve’s house a month later. Different spot, heavier backpack, new coat, longer hair,

So… a month. Have I changed, then? 

It’s hard to say, because change cannot be measured outwardly. Change sneaks in on you quietly, unnoticed
You find Change only at the most unexpected moments, when Change gives you a tiny slap in the face – could be anywhere… in the canteen, as you navigate through the middle of the cold streets, perhaps just before you step foot into another hostel…

And then Change whispers, “you did it”


So here’s a post to congratulate myself – congrats, achieved, achieved!
A month of backpacking – when I first held that stack of printed documents in my hands (now very, very withered) I honestly didn’t quite know what to expect, didn’t know if I’d catch all the buses, all the planes, all the places I wanted to go. But I did, and I have, and everything, everything went well and more. The planning, the booking, the settling of documents, the people I chose to trust; someone asked me ‘why’, I said because I knew I could, but I wanted to do it, to go through it to concretize my beliefs about myself. And I have, and for that I’m proud of myself, and I do think I deserve a pat on my back. -pats-
and there will be more to come, that I am sure.
I sat down to write this as I was unpacking in my room. I was looking through all the pamphlets and maps I’ve collected, the Polaroids, the postcards, and i felt a swell of pride. I guess this is, to me, one of the most unexpected things i’ve done and its a trophy i’ll lock up silently in my heart to sneak a peek at whenever i’m filled with self-doubt. I looked at each city and bits of memories flashed through- it still amazes me that a month had passed, just like that… but such a meaningful month it was. Like FS, I got FS-inspiring-boost x2. I’m lucky, lucky, lucky
Lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky
I am wholeheartedly proud of myself for this, and I need to remember not to undermine it.


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