Windsor, of its glorious skies

I pick the window seat. I will always pick the window seat, even if it means i have to hold my bladder for hours 
What used to sound like the booming treacherous roar of the engine to life, threatening to fling me to the end of eternity, now sounds like an exciting welcome jet to freedom- to fly, to part, to leave for another journey. After which I get to stare out at the cityscapes, the tiny buildings, the infinite skies. One can never get enough of skies
It was a beautiful day at Windsor, weather was glorious and blue, welcoming me to the city. I’ve been lucky; despite hearing all about these gloomy UK weather I’ve been pretty blessed. 
 the beautiful Windsor castle!
By which I now have an annual pass, hurray!

 refusing to take down these similar-looking shots

Strolling along the River Thames


 sweetie, and a nice father 🙂
 Sun was setting, meant to go to X, but phone died at 30% 
It was a lovely day, and Steve was lovely, and I found out that he was a schoolteacher for children, and I saw a little of his plans, and I thought it was really nice. Somehow I still feel like I want to be a children’s schoolteacher. Maybe someday, I don’t know.

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