Laptop charger has officially died. I ordered another fake one from Amazon and it’s just arrived (in 2 days too, that’s pretty fast!) First delivery to my Space (soon to become place-ified)
Motivation to note down my details has dwindled abit, but I love walking in the cold. There is a certain sort of calm, of silence that comes along with the cold, that stimulates my Thought Bank. I scribble them down sometimes, but more often than not I find myself mentally typing them down, and then they vanish, as quickly as they appear. 
Snippets of my thoughts:

Arrival at Heathrow Airport – 

Had so much fun talking to a girl from Greece (Athens!!) (Mariafe??? and her really…. long….. name…….) and Phillip from Ghana (west of Africa- NOW I REMEMBERRRR) it was really funny and we laughed alot, and we talked about the political/economical system in Greece and Africa and I just feel so HAPPY knowing that, you know, I can actually talk to people and laugh and get teased, in a matter of 2 hours in the airport. I love unexpected moments like this. It is one thing to read about things about a place, and a complete other to hear it from a local’s perspective on what can be done about the political situation. That blood-rushing exhilaration! I want to know SO MANY THINGSSSSSS

What I’ve learnt – corruption, sleeping on the beach and setting up fires in Greece,

I think talking to strangers is easy, because you talk with no history, no judgements, no consequences. And a lifetime of information to share. No strings, none. You exchange perspectives, you share stories, you talk and then you part, and you may never meet again. This person does not know your quirks, your temper, your habits, your perks; they only know the person you were at that point in time, and then you leave.

It is this knowing, I think, that brings out one of the chirpiest sides of me.


International students night

I guess I find myself trying to step out of my comfort zone to say the least, making the first move though inside I’m all awkward. But I think to myself, I have nothing to lose. Portuguese, Nigerian, Spanish, Malaysian, France, Paris! German, Finnish. So many nationalities, so many people. I wonder what they’re thinking, I wonder if they feel amazed as I do. Knowing that hundreds of nationalities are gathered in this room.


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