the pleasing reds of the UK

Falling in love with the UK, falling in love with the “darling”, “love”, “sweetheart”, “marvelous”, “excellent” – how effortlessly sweet-sounding, mood-lifting 🙂

falling in love with time, and the slow ticking of every second (a shadow of anxiety lingers – please don’t let this end)

 So many films to watch, books to read, movies to download, tv shows to catch up on, things to understand – the USSR, Lenin, Scotland’s independence just off the top of my head now, and maybe a couple of North Korea documentaries.

Can never quite get over the ball of nerves that toss around frantically upon take off

Bye for now, London, I think to myself as I watch the Lilliputian cars swerve around th e curves 
I’m going to be so terribly sad on my last flight. I know its nearing, it is. Im trying hard not to think about that.
17 oct 2013
Icons were really important, I thought as I sat in Starbucks and watched the red buses of London roll by. Even the street signs have a distinctive character of sorts. The iconic red telephone booths. It makes you feel acquainted with a place, a cosiness, familiarity. 

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