Took a long weekend off school. 
Right now I’m just tired 😦 It’s probably time to catch up with 4 weeks’ worth of school. Enough hopping around for this week. Have not been getting sufficient rest and I’m getting cranky at this point. STILL, I AM DETERMINED TO BLOG
When I was all chirpy and excited, this was what I wrote:
I love, love, love that there are so so many nice people in the world. You see, I’m so lucky, so so lucky for so many strangers’ kindness – I will pass it on if I get the chance, thank you, thank yous

I was sitting below the London eye and Darius showed me around the area of Big Ben and told me about some local history. I mean really, really what are the chances?! And learning about Lithuanian culture – names and surnames of the married and unmarried.

Thank you strangers, for showing me how beautiful the world can be

Now grumpy self says: Siangyee ah, pls take care of yourself and watch out. Follow your instincts. But well having hopped on a 445am megabus I reached London at 8am and had 6 hours to kill before meeting Lyn. So it was really nice to have some company. 
Westminster Abbey

So odd that we were sitting there, in London, talking about life. Who would have known really. In fact, who knew this year of mine could ever happen. Still feels like a dream, almost 

 Not Camden, not Portobello, but BOROUGH market
 following Marcus’s accurate instincts


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