Halloween was, frankly, crazy and cringe-worthy, but it’s also one of the nights i will remember most about Loughborough. Seriously, recounting the night makes me laugh, in a shake-head-and-chuckle kind of way. – sniggering to self now – 

To sum up the night, Helen and I never made it to the party. Instead, we found ourselves playing chess and checkers with a Joker… and the rest is history. HAHAHHAHAAH
It was a crazy night. Nuff’ said.

The next day we cheered ourselves up by some PUMPKIN CARVING!!!! The first pumpkin I’ve ever carved, and probably the last 😦 Still, lugging that heavy pumpkin all the way back killed my arms and I’m happy it turned out so beautiful :’)

so you scrape… and you scrape…

our proud masterpiece :’)
On the third day, to fully utilize our beautiful pumpkin, we went for a picnic at midnight in the fields of Loughborough. It was drizzling slightly, but it was alright; we had pizza, we had music, and we had our pumpkin glowing in the night. Above us, some stars winked from behind the clouds.

Happy, good night(s). 🙂


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