Krakow, Poland – Apartment / Room Tour

One of the things I love most about travelling is the apartment-viewing. 
Kasia has one of the most artfully decorated apartment I’ve ever seen, and I just had to go about taking note of all of her beautiful details. I missed out on some, like her chalk drawings, her Marilyn Monroe photographs in the bathroom, the wine bottles… 😥 
She left me a wonderful review, ‘It is always a great pleasure to host somebody who share your interests and can appreciate your work. Siangyee saw all the hidden details of my place, my drawings on the wall, quotes, children books and all the designed things which are the most important to me. It was a great feeling, making being a host such a great and satysfainyng experience.’ 
and for this, I sincerely dedicate this post to her beautiful apartment 🙂
those shoes…..

even the cupboard LOCK is so beautiful, so intricate -sighs-

Here was clearly a fan of children’s illustrated books, and I found that very, very fascinating. 
In the nights, Wanting and I turn on the radio which plays old-school music, we drink cider and then we each curl up on one side of the sofa, warm rug over ourselves and we read.


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