Krakow – Oskar Schindler’s Factory

** Edit **
Gosh, you see how quickly details fade away when you don’t keep them on track 😦 I remember wanting to note this down: Krakow ended dramatically (x2), an underwear dropped next to me during lunch, we had good conversations and I was really happy with my company :))
My trip to Poland was a highly anticipated one. I was determined to go, whether or not I had company. I wanted to go to Krakow to learn more about its history; I’ve watched so many films and I had a burning (yes, burning) desire to know more, and to see what I could.
Schindler’s List is definitely one of my favourites 😥 I still recall how I sobbed so hard at its ending… 😥
This is my second favourite museum (first is the Speelklok one in Utrecht), I’ve gathered and learnt so much from this. Thank you x
Schindler’s enamels

Schindler’s Jews :’)
When I saw the photos of them I recalled the scene of them walking towards the camera at the end of the film and I felt like crying again.

Gained so much from this museum. From here I could walk along the streets of Krakow and recognize some of the street names, and know the (sad) historical context behind it.

Really thankful to be here because I know all that I’ve learnt from this trip will stay with me much more than I would have in school. So yes, even though I really want to attend my Social Geog classes, this was perfect 🙂

Finally ending my lengthy series of posts for Krakow. It’s really one of my favourite cities, I love all that I’ve taken away with me. Thank you, dziękuję 🙂 X


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