Because Krakow is one of my favourite cities (second at the moment, I think. Definitely in the top 5) it’s hard for me to sieve through my photos when so many of them capture its beauty :’) 
Krakow is so beautiful. There are so few cities by which you get immediately acquainted with, and for me Krakow was one of them. Maybe it’s the way the withering trees waved ever so gently against the tinted blue skies, maybe it was the music and the glowing tents of markets that lit up the night.

Maybe it’s the history of the place; to know that this was once shrouded under the shadow of the Holocaust yet remained so lively today. The street musicians play in a way different from some of the Bigger Cities – accordion, choral-like, a tune that wants to make you sway and waltz along the streets.

Almost unreal. Look at those colours :’)

I guess I didn’t know what to expect from Poland. I was expecting something different… something older, darker, perhaps. Instead I was greeted with much sunshine and golden rays, and this made me happy. 🙂
Took this because I want to remember how foreign the words were. When we first landed we were pointing at random words and laughing at how unpronounceable they were to us :p
I guess that’s another reason to love the place. Immersing myself in the foreign, the unknown. I like that.

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