strangers’ kindness

On my way back from the town centre, armed with 4 litres of milk (INTENSELY HEAVY LOAD), a bunch of bananas, pasta sauce and other groceries, and my week-long Italy backpack, I chose to spend my last pound on a pack of Starburst instead of catching the bus back.

Sometimes I’m annoyingly stubborn, and I like to push my persistence to its limits somehow (thinks pots-and-pans day where my arms were dying).

Asked for directions from this sweet couple (just for fun, actually I just wanted to place my heavy bags on their table for a short rest HAHAH) and they offered me a ride back, because they were on their way home after closing their tent at the market square. As I got on the car, he jokingly asked ‘well you’re not a murderer are you?’ and I said ‘you’re not a kidnapper are you?’ and we laughed. And on the ride back we talked abit about… strangers, and ‘bad people’ in this world.

And they told me, there ARE bad people in this world. Of course I know that, I do. But a part of me just CAN’T completely accept it yet, and I worry for myself a little. I know it is naive, I know it is almost dangerous, and I know my luck may run out someday, but for now, I think the kindness of strangers are one of the most beautiful things in the world, and it’s something that warms my heart everytime, and… I feel like a part of me silently seeks for it. I guess I need to be taught a ‘lesson’ of sorts to ‘wake’ me up to reality, but for now, honestly, I live in my little happy bubble where everyone in the world can be so helpful and lovely. :’)

SIGH. But yes, I will heighten my gut feeling and take good care of myself. Still, -does a happy little dance in my happy little bubble- ^^


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