Fair Verona!

Aaaah, Verona. A quiet little town with its own quaint charm. 
Weather was perfect, and it was so beautiful 🙂
One of my favourite cities. I didn’t spend much time here, but what memories I have are very memorable ones. 🙂

Just another thing for lovers to do

Spent a lovely evening with these girls. 
They keep an oil canvas in their house and paint when they feel upset. -sighs-

if you touch Juliet, you get good luck 😉
Her balcony – inserts melodramatic music –
We went to this lovely place where you order a glass of Italian Spritz for about 2.50euros or more drinks, and you get free flow food! What a brilliant idea. If we had this in Singapore the store will probably close down in afew months. Hehehehehhe
Gelato seller gave me a hug and an air kiss, Rome hostel receptionist offered me a free night the next time round. Kate told me her stories, looking at her finger and exclaiming ‘you’re not married!’

But you know, I think I should shed these emotions of “shock” because… What’s the harm in that? Why should I respond this way? Acts of affection, they can be tender and heartwarming if I just embrace them. Why shun away (negatively)? Aren’t we all human

‘But they’re strangers!’ Why so skeptical, can’t we just share the love
I only hope this teaches me to be more affectionate to my future family.

I hate to think that I’m locked in by culture, by these imaginary constructed rules. I guess this is what they mean when they say you become more ‘open’ abroad.

To remember:
Poland’s dominantly Catholic population and illegal abortion (with rape cases of exception), Italy’s non-capital-punishment and president..?
Italians… So cultured. Painting at home, musical instruments, the books they read, the films they watch… Gosh. I’m generalizing perhaps, but I can’t help but think it’s true.

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