Florence – Adventures with Carolina, photography student

Exploring the studio:

 Some of her photographs. If you look carefully, there is a landscape made of hay, and meat, and some other food scraps.
 photography equipments, and her wall
Studio shared with Lorenzo, her best friend, who studies in the academia of bella arti for painting
 On the first day, Carolina drove me to her parents’ home for lunch. So in Italy, passengers (as with UK) are on the right. 
 what a beautiful bedroom… :’) those green windows! Sigh. Posters of horses on the wall, this girl loves horses. 
Painting at one of the corners of her room, done by her mother :O

 lunch – healthy spinach and a glass of fresh cold water 🙂 

 attic – sunlight streaming in


Carolina prepares for my photoshoot
 Cappuccino in the morning.

She gave me one of her photographs and signed it, so if she ever becomes famous one day… 😉

I love the way Carolina calls me “my girl”. She’s so happy, bubbly, quirky, and basically adorable. And so sweet. Why can’t I be more affectionate like the Italians? More expressive, give more hugs, more kisses, more words of love? Why must I be so stubbornly protective and stingy with my words of affection? (well I’d also like to think that in this way it makes them more valued, more valuable, and I sincerely mean them whenever I say them) and yet – everyone wants to grow up loved. I am afraid that when I become a parent I will be unexpressive still, and don’t give hugs as much as I’d like to. I hear people talking about how their parents shower them with hugs and affection and they grow up so happy, so loved, and I want my family to feel this way.

I hope this part of me changes. It’s not easy because I get awkward at slight bits of praises or affection, but… I should/will work towards it, I guess. 🙂


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