Florence – city exploration

Florence in lovely, no doubt. There is an ancient charm about it that attracts me to walk on around the main square(s). 
A part of me still finds it hard to believe that I’m here, in Florence, Italy, and lying on the couch of a photography student in her studio.  

Sorry, David. I only visited your replica at Palazzo della Signoria

I didn’t do a thorough post of FS. Every now and then though, during my journeys, my mind still flits back to its days. I guess that’s how I know it was a pretty powerful trip for me. On the train to Verona now. I thought about my buddy, Kâéw, and the immense gratitude I felt for her presence, for having fate draw us together. When we were about to part on our 7th(?) day, I was at my bed packing everything and I felt like crying. I remember trying very hard to hold it in – look elsewhere, write, laugh about fake stuff, distract myself, etc etc. But when we said our final goodbye with a hug, the tears fell clumsily and I wanted to laugh at myself for being so foolish. I mean, it wasn’t foolish of course, but in a way it was. But it was nice, to know that she found a special place in my heart, enough to trigger my tear ducts, despite our language barrier. Thank you for everything. I wish she knew how much everything meant to me, and how much I have learnt from her to be a better person.


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