Lake Garda

It was cold and quiet, but I love how the colours turned out.

Cloudy day. If everything happens for a reason, today happened for the reason that I met Julio and Michele. We talked about many things and I learnt more about Italian north-south cultural differences, which I will not elaborate because I am not entirely capable of separating facts from opinions. They said I was crazy for coming alone. Still, it was a lovely afternoon.

Lake Garda is dead during this season. In the summer it’s entirely different, the skies and the lakes are bluer and everything is sunny and colorful. It’s alright, because there’s always a possibility of me returning to this place. Italy is now one of my favourite countries, and someday I’ll be back.

… And right here, in front of me, was a canvas of nothingness. I had never seen this before; this was the clearest. There was hardly 1mm of the horizon- it was just one gradient of blankness. 

How can you not feel at peace with yourself when you sit right in front of a blank space.

Actually, I sat there for a long while, trying to grasp for something in the nothing.


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