Naples – Napoli

from the notebook:

On my 2 hour journey to Naples!

It’s a beautiful, beautiful day :’)
Found the dodgy looking hostel, bought my ticket and had 10 minutes to find my way to the train – the timing was perfect, I said my goodbyes and all was good.

How many times have I experienced this – this sheer state of happiness. I am happy, happy, happy
My heart is bursting, it is. It is bursting with immense happiness and I just want to melt into a pool of sticky gooey happy mush.

I love this. Please, please let me travel like this forever…

Now I have a good 2 hours for myself to reflect upon everything.

Rome is beautiful, of course. Everyone knows about the beauty of Rome – Rome and its rich history, its grand monuments, the Colosseum, the Vatican, the ever-charming flirty Italians…… HAHAH.

The first day I met Kate and Magda, 2 Polish girls who were working in Italy. Sundays were their off-days, so on Sundays Kate likes to visit Rome (*envious*). It’s so nice to meet people of my age, who laugh and talk about common things in general. Of course, age should not be a barrier (as im trying to learn), but it was comfortable from the first second we met, and i thought that was amazing. They showed me around the city, the typical touristy sites and we went for lunch. Had my first legit Italian food for only 5€- carbonara! And yes, it was soooo gooooood. Accompanied by wine. 😉 Here I was, on a bright sunny day, eating pasta and drinking wine with 2 Polish girls in Rome, laughing about Italian boys. What in the world…
-continues melting in happiness-

On the second day I stuck myself in between a Russian family – a married couple of doctors and another young girl. Communication barrier, but some pointing and gesturing helps. I just feel like… Something is changing. I cannot pinpoint what it is, but I just feel it. I KNOW something in me is stirring, and I am happy.

It’s so surreal, sometimes, to think that I’m actually here. How a week ago I was still confused over what the termini is. And right now its here in front of me.

Pizza originated from Naples (Napoli)
Naples was terribly disappointing. Maybe it was the crappy weather, or maybe I was in the wrong part of the city, but the vibe was entirely different from that of Florence or Rome. It felt.. chaotic, graffiti even on the beautiful fountain. Dingy, a little. The Frankfurt vibe. Of course, this is just my take and perhaps I was there on a wrong day. I should probably give it another chance though, someday, someday!
I later found out that there’s a Northern vs Southern Italy thing, and Napoli belonged to the Southern…

 Tried very hard to think of a reason as to why I came here (everything happens for a reason, so i was squeezing that reason out) – and here’s my reason. Caught sight of flocking birds. They give me the chills, actually.
It’s my second time, the first was in Rome and according to Magdalena it’s a common sight there. 
The one here was very distinct though, I have another one on my phone but this will suffice for memory. They still give me the goosebumps everytime :s


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