Verona – Anna, 4 cats & the family

This is one of the CS experiences that will stay with me, the Italian family with 4 cats.
Sincerely grateful for all the kindness and help I’ve received.
Immensely thankful that no pickpocketing, no mugging, no nothing terrible happened, I caught all my flights and trains… just a whole lot of kindness and happiness. 🙂
Thou shalt ne’er forget thee, fair Verona!
And so here I leave Italy, with the notion that I will be back again someday, a little older, a little less reckless, and a little wiser than before.

Sigh. This little sweetheart  ♥

You must know, I turn into squealy fan-girl mode when I meet with adorable fat furry cats. They are sooooo cute I want to grab them and stroke their fur for hours while they give you that look of bliss. AAAAAHHHH

I never knew I was such a cat person. Always thought I loved dogs, found cats stuck-up, but there’s something so attractive and charming about their almost-arrogance as they strut about the house. And then when they feel like it they roll over and act cute just for you. It makes you want to pamper them.
-one definite way FS impacted me, those cats in BRT..:(-

I guess dogs love you, always. Cats do it more sparingly, their acts of affection, rubbing their body against you, a gurgling purr at the back of their throats. Dogs, they love you, and cats, you love them. Would you rather be the lover or the loved?
Not exactly related, but… Just wondering.

hello, beautiful!!! 🙂

random little kitty at lake garda
look at its fur!!! its so soft, it’s like a soft toy……
wheeee little kitty acting cute for me
The cats here reminds me of Baan Rak Thai. They’re tame, and they purr and they rub their body against your legs to show they could like you. 
The cats in Singapore, someone told me in Thailand, were more aggressive, defensive, because in Singapore people are not kind to cats.
I wonder if that’s true.

My host. Really, these people teach me so much. I hope to be as knowledgeable, as open-minded, as extroverted as she is. Also, she has brilliant film taste and I’m happy we swapped a list 🙂
My host family, whom I shall never forget. Thank you for opening your home to me, a stranger, and letting me in. Thank you for letting me sleep in your room, for driving me to the train station, for making me feel at home as much as you can. Thank you for the conversations and the meals. 


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