Weekend in London!

It’s been 8 weeks of school now, and it’s really, really time for me to START to touch my books.
It’s crazy, I don’t know how time is just flying by. The past few weeks I’ve been watching at least a movie and/or a tv show every single night – but those days are over. I have 3.5 100% courseworks due in 2 weeks now, by which I really, really HAVE TO START NOWWWWW

The weekend has been such a wonderful, wonderful one and I’m so happy, happy happy 🙂 
In Helen’s homeland!

Last night I watched my first London musical, and I must say it’s the best musical amongst all that I’ve watched (in Singapore) thus far. It’s the sort that keeps you excited and thinking “omg, this is so good” love the song items by the children!!!! And Veruca Salt.

Stage was so good! So well developed and advanced compared to the ones in Singapore?! Sigh, what have I been missing out on. Charlie Bucket was my favourite, of course, and when the show ended Willy Wonka stepped forth to say that it was Charlie’s last night,  because he had to return to school. Very thankful to have caught his last performance!!!!

Really regret not watching Top Hat 😥 sigh. Now it’s over and I will never get the chance again… It would have been mindblowingly good, I know it would 🙂

If Willy Wonka offers you a job now, would you accept it?!?? After the show I remembered how as a child after reading the book I’d think about how, if there’s a golden ticket competition, how badly I would want to win it. Gosh, I would want it SO badly! But I’d know I wouldn’t be able to win it. I’m just never that lucky.

And I was thinking, 11 years on now, I still hold that same desire. If Willy Wonka holds a competition right now, I would want a golden ticket so badly!!!! AAAAHHHH. I would want to work for him, to invent new sweets off the top of my head, conduct free tastings, work with the oompa loompas in his bizzare factory. I’m pretty sure that I’ll hold this same desire when I’m 50. But I don’t know, we’ll see abit that.
And I thought, wouldn’t EVERYONE want to work for him??

Aaaaahhhhh sigh seriously, because if they do not i would want to know why

I loved Roald Dahl. This brings back much good memories of Matilda, the Twits and the BFG :’)

Helen, whom I absolutely cannot imagine without in Loughborough. We’ve been through so much and talked so much it’s crazy how we’ve only known each other for… 2-3 months?! Ever so thankful and blessed to have bumped into her in the laundry room :’)

This must be one of the world’s noisiest (low-quality) photos but I remember how absolutely happy I was at that point :’) So happy so excited about everything WHEEEEE

Happy, happy, happy – heart-singing sort of happiness riding through Hyde Park :’)
wind in face
 I love that feeling, you know? Where you race through the roads, hair flying back, and you (I) have this immense urge to squeal WHEEEEEEEEE IM SO HAPPYYYYYY (which I did, and some annoying person mimicked me, but whatever, too happy to care)
Happy, happy, free

i spy with the fisheye


These days it crosses my mind that someday I should take a year off and live on my own. Take up odd jobs, work and move along. I feel like I need to do it for the betterment of myself. I feel like I’ve just tasted the very tip of life, now, and having that one year off would add alot of value in my life. Not yet though, when then? I don’t know. But it’s definitely incubating in my mind, another dream. I’ll tweak it along as it goes.

Sigh. Impromptu weekend trip that turned out so amazing. Really happy and thankful for megabus, despite its crappy timings that rob me of my sleep.

5am now, I should go to bed. At peace, and happy. 🙂

Seriously going to study this week. I promise!!!!


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