Desert tour – Cold nights, camels and camping in the desert

 I reached Morocco apprehensive, not knowing this bunch of people that well but everything turned out good or better than imagined :’)

It’s hard to believe I was here. I honestly never thought I’d find myself in Africa, so this was something off my bucket list, stepping into a region that always felt so faraway and foreign to me.

sunrise from the desert, as we rode our camels towards the sun. it was lovely and calming and soothing, much unlike the evening before when we rode in the sunset.

that evening was close to horrible; the wind relently tossed sand into our eyes and i could barely open them to see. i had never been so thankful for shades, and the sky was getting darker and it was cold and we were on the camel for what felt like an infinite amount of time. my hands were freezing and my bag kept slipping and i wondered when we were going to get off. finally we did, stumbled into our tent (no electrical plug, boo) did not manage to take a shower and the night was cold.

nonetheless when you step out of the tent the sky was so so beauitful, the stars. I’ve always heard about how beautiful the starry skies of the desert are and it is, truly, the most beautiful starry skies i’ve ever seen. so bright and glowing and just so many of them, looking up make me feel so insignificant under the grandeur of nature, and i liked feeling that way. except that the wind kept blowing and i couldnt open my eyes for long as the sand relentlessly attacked my eyes.

that evening we gathered in a huge tent where all the travellers had our dinner together. after dinner there was some performance, and then the guide started telling jokes and riddles. it was a hilarious night because of the ‘tibit’ joke where this man insisted that tibet was spelt as tibit HAHAHAHA (okay maybe its really different in different cultural contexts) and then we all started saying random riddles and everyone was laughing and it was his birthday and the guide came back with a makeshift cake – bread with jam sliced into happy pieces and he spread the joy to all of us. Celebrating your 60th birthday in the Sahara desert, how absolutely lovely! I would love, love love to do something like that.

Late night conversations


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