Paris, je t’aime

Paris – the city of love, the city of lights – ‘La Ville – Lumiere’

Paris fell slightly short of my geographical imagination, but just very slightly. A lot of times I gauge a city’s beauty and my fondness for it on its weather, which is admittedly unfair. A city that welcomes me with blue skies and white clouds and embraces me with its sunshine makes me smile as I take it all in. A city that is cold, rainy and gloomy evokes a very different mood. Paris was bright and sunny and all things lovely on 2 sunny days, out of the 5 days there.

Paris, je t’aime is one my favouritest and most memorable movies that I find myself gushing over the moment it ended. I guess I was pretty happy to be here.

The most (and only) branded thing we bought

the very first escargots i’ve eaten in my life


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