I was really happy my family flew over and I was happy that they got to experience Europe with me. When I first entered a castle and felt that rush of awe sweeping over me I remember thinking to myself, I wish they could too see this. Despite my nonchalant exterior I know deep down I’m really grateful and thankful and blessed to have had them fly over to experience Paris with me. Wouldn’t have asked for any other company.  

My polaroid cameras had died in Latvia and I was really upset. Complained to sis and she said she was going to buy one and could bring it over. When she brought it over she repeated several times that I’d better not think she was giving it to me… which meant she was giving it to me. I must say I’m surprised and also secretly really, REALLY happy and this is in fact one of the best gifts I’ve ever received because of its perfect timing. The moments I capture from here with my polaroids may never come again so here’s a big fat THANK YOU to my sis who is secretly the one true constant in my life and we both know it. 


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