The wind got a little too strong that day
(This is one picture that cracks me up everytime HEHHEE)

The Lim family leaves tomorrow, and tomorrow’s Christmas Day. I wondered how long more until I meet them again, and it dawned on me that I had less than a month left. How quick it’s been, less than a month now.


In my drafts, I wrote:
Santa Claus, leaving milk and cookies and half-bitten carrots. Easter eggs. Advent calendars, Christmas crackers, tooth fairy. Waiting for snow to fall so they can take out their sleighs to play. Making fine snowballs to throw at the trees, giggling. Snow angels, snowman. 

I feel like I missed out on these in my childhood days. I, too, want to play. I want to feel like Christmas is magical, I want to think that Santa Claus is real. I want to open my door to a doorbell and find a present there and exclaim, with genuine joy and belief, ‘Santa was here!’ I want to think that this Magical man crept down my chimney when I was asleep, he read my letters and proclaimed I was good this year. I want to have truly believed in them. So many of them did, why didnt we?
Why i think i never believed in Santa Claus: Santa and the children in the books were not Asians, and we did not have chimneys. Santa would never come to look for us, even if he did exist. 
Maybe I’ll do something more special for my kids.

Xmas was spent indoors the entire day nua-ing, which was good. We paid with coins and only coins on Xmas eve, smiling at the waiter sheepishly.
We ate char kway teow for dinner on the night itself, played random christmas songs and watched White Chicks. Cosy and simple, just the way I like it 🙂


Flatmates had a secret santa event,

and I realised that ‘Secret’ Santa was supposed to remain a secret, except I scrawled my name widely across the postcard to mine


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