Bratislava with Lucia

Flying from Bratislava airport was almost half the price of any other airports, so I found my way here somehow
After the terribly frustrating rainy weather in the UK and the gloomy dull skies of Eastern Europe / Vienna (last country that borders Eastern Europe, as Dave reminded) I was so SO happy to see blue skies again! Dull grey skies just dampen my mood and feelings towards the place, I’m afraid.
Bratislava welcomed me with bright blue skies that I haven’t seen in such a long while, and the moment I stepped down from the bus I felt my mood lifted by the (what felt rare to me) rays of sunshine and BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL BLUE SKIES

soooooo blueeeeeeeee
 cute manhole on the floor
i love signs like this, so deeply encoded in the foreign but so familiar somewhat it makes me interpret what it’s trying to say. that’s the fun part

there I was, exploring the city carrying this extremely heavy and deceptively small backpack(s). shoulders hurt BUT i was determined to walk on. some sort of sadistic torture that pleases me.

quirky little bits that every city should have:

some slovakian cakes and delicacies

my amazing host who triggered so much thoughts in me

i love being with people my age, because… it makes me think about how differently we think, even though we’re at the same phase in our life. the way we perceive ourselves, the way we perceive our future. it makes me question the way i think, it makes me question why we should think differently (if we do)

i really appreciated her hosting, because my time at Bratislava would have been so… meaningless, otherwise. It would have been just another city. 
But because of Lucia, Bratislava will always be special to me.

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