Budapest on a Foggy Day

The second day was pretty much gloomy, foggy and dull. 
I think I must have mentioned this before – but the weather, really, plays such a big role (to me) in determining how much I like the place, how beautiful I think it is. The Budapest of yesterday was so beautiful, and today it was… ordinary. But it had its own mystique air I suppose, buildings in the distance giving a faraway, unreachable gleam 
One thing I really like is looking at the street signs. I must have a collection of those already, and when I have time (just another excuse…) I will make a post about street signs. Each country has its own language for its ‘street’s – Italy had ‘via’, Germany’s Straße, Slovakia’s Nameste, Hungary’s ‘utca’, France’s ‘rue de..’ etc etc – and I liked that I was able to pick up a word from that language just by looking at the signs. 
At least when I leave the country, I can tell myself I know ONE word – actually TWO, ‘thank you’ and ‘street’ 🙂

That night I wrote:

Budapest was filled with some amazing discoveries and I want to note them down before they vanish. 

Staying at 11th Hour Hostel, and Best Hostel of SEP thus far is a tie between Riga (Fun Franks)and this one. I really got to socialize with some other guests in this hostel, and I feel like this is the ‘hostel experience’ I’ve been expecting so I’m happy!!! :))

Dracov(??) talked about the 25-30% taxes in Vienna for its free healthcare, education, etc… similar to the other European cities I’ve asked about since the beginning of my understanding of their system. Migrant issues, abuse of system, citizenship, beaches, Bulgaria, I LOVE FRIENDLY PEOPLE!!!!!

Hostel lobby, met 2 astronauts (whom I didn’t believe at first, until I saw their photos in space – selfless with the earth in the background, so surreal i’d think its photoshopped until I saw other pictures including a helmet-with-puke one) – their trips to mars, uranus, things they do on the space shuttle, what they do outside the space shuttle, chosen rather than a choice – WHY SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL

GOT TO WEAR THE PILOT GLASSES!!! Which was placed on my head from the back,

Talked abit to Mexican guy – guns, maquiladoras (Latin), homosexuality in different states, 
Italy – north-south – geographical difference –> cultural difference – northern tip and southern tip – climatic, cultural, linguistic – makes sense. how could i ever have thought of them as homogeneous.

Australian cycling down from Amsterdam – Vienna – Bratislava – Budapest etc – “I just fell in love with this city”, he lives here now. Working odd jobs traveling for a year and a half now. What am I doing with my life and is it alright.

Ukrainians – first language Persian

So so sleepy right now. 


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