That night I wrote:

After I leave it’s not going to be the same. Here I just book a ticket and go, I don’t have to care so much about “making full use” or researching or formulating the best itinerary because I am simply there to be. To take in the place and its different vibe, its people, its language, its signs. It is not so much the sights as it is the architecture, the surroundings, because I go not so much as a ‘tourist’, but to observe.

I know I go because of chance, and that it might not have happened, and that these trips aren’t deliberately planned. With these I go with lesser expectations, and take whatever comes. It’s a little different from my usual ‘holiday’, and I know these opportunities wouldn’t come again. My trips back home will be planned because of the amount I spend on the flight ticket; here I need pretty much a plane ticket and a big smile and a voice and my camera and my eyes. Just book, and go
You know, that sort of feeling. 

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