NYE / NYD / Brick Lane

It annoys me that many of my posts are filled only with pictures – like an substandard descriptive post with a lack of content. and thought. 
But I really want to store these somewhere, so…
Right now I’m less than a week to home. School has already started, this feels all too surreal. 
I NEED to put everything up – all the way to Spain – I MUST, I HAVE TO, because I know, I know I know I know if I don’t 
and if I tell myself ‘later’ ‘next time’
they will for(a very long time) be lost in that vast sea of digital images
and I want them to be here, 
on this space
because these memories are SPECIAL
and these memories I want to remember and reminisce
when i scroll back upon my years.
in a few days
Looking back NYE was hilarious (i keep wanting to use that crying-laughing emoji to express myself but i cant use it here hahhaa)
i finally went to this BRIXTON i kept hearing about all semester from Helen and I got to see her again and as usual it was funnyyyyy and unexpected and strange things happen like strange people talking to us and inviting us to their house HAHAHA
this time we did not accept
we got tipsy, we kept laughing
but she stayed with me till 7am and we left Brixton because of all the crazy people
and the tube was free
and I slept a little in the bathroom thereafter
In the early days of the New Year I got to meet CHELLY WOOHOO 
Matilda plan failed, but I’m glad we both got to catch it nonetheless

Brick Lane has beautiful graffiti walls, so I’m spamming them below:

I caught Woman in Black, it was… pretty… scary… but I guess the expectations dampened it a little for me. People kept saying it’s TERRIFYING, SCARIEST PLAY EVER, etc etc and it WAS frightening at parts and it’s really, really good for a 2-man show, but well, expectations, expectations
i went in telling myself not to expect anything, but when you have that idea planted in your head you can’t just not expect anything – you can’t help it – just because you tell yourself not to
that’s something i realised i suppose

I think I’ve spent so much on musical / play tickets I don’t quite dare to count
So far I’ve caught – Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Wicked, Woman in Black, Matilda, and the last one before I leave will be Curious Incident – I guess when you compare it to the prices back home it’s alright, and I did enjoy every single one of them, but tabulated altogether I still feel guilty about the $$$

Matilda had an amazing set and I loved the details and the deliberate effort at placing alphabets together along those building blocks that formed a word – like “noisy”, “dream”, I remember spotting them and feeling thrilled
I came back from Spain that morning – actually, I slept over at the Stansted airport and had arrived in Central London that morning. I decided to take the chance to queue and it was 9.47am by the time I reached that long line. I waited for 13 more minutes for the booth to open, and I was surprised to still get the 5 pounds ticket. I think I was really lucky.

Hostels – a congregation of different nationalities, even those I’ve barely heard of. Canary Islands, Cape Verde, the man who wanted to marry me.

Sitting amongst these people it occurred to me that I was incredibly young. I was only 21, and that was so young (yet so old) at the same time. So young, really, I was only so young.


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