Three Kings Day!

All I knew was that people were following the beats of the drums – somewhat reminiscent of the pied piper – children were holding lanterns and you could hear the festive excitement in the air. Everyone was following the parade and they were singing some song I did not understand. The girona – quiet, almost deserted Girona I thought I’d seen just afew hours ago was now so lively, so filled with some sort of magical hush of excitement.

A Girona tradition: collect all 3 stamps and the 3 kings will visit you!!!! :’)

And then there was this man dressed in red and children and adults had all these adorable handmade cards and they were surrounding him and giving him and slotting then into the mailbox he had slung around his shoulders

 letters to the kings :’) Their parents write it with them the night before so they can ‘mail’ it to the kings, and the kings would know what they want :’)

 handmade lanterns made of eggshell cartons and empty bottles

Spoke to a random man and he told me about the lanterns and the stamps – the lights from the lanterns as a form of welcome to the festival and the stamps to collect all 3 meant the kings would come to your house!! But you had to be on your best behavior throughout the year, of course

 Such tender kind eyes – if i were a kid I’d believe him too 😥

 ‘Have you been a good child this year?’


It was an amazing day, it felt magical and I was incredibly excited and happy to have been here
I wished there was someone here with me to witness the festival, but I know this is a compromise in solo travel so I’ll keep these in my memories 🙂


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