june 2013 – from the drafts

Travelling is…
Standing in the middle of nature and realising the magnitude of its greatness; the world is so much bigger than you know. To hear a father hold his child next to you whispering words you do not understand, but to know it means love, for love is a universal language on its own. To look up and see a sky full of stars. To humble yourself on your relative insignificance. Or your significance in being another precious individual.

One of the best feelings in life, what I live for, if I dare say, is to be in awe. You know, to stare at something and feel the surge of amazement overwhelm you. It is a mixture of surprise and joy, gently melded together. 
And then you think – this is beautiful. 

This is beautiful, and it is a moment I will remember. This is a moment I will pocket and keep in my heart.

And that’s what we live for, isn’t it. It is such moments that keep us going in search for more.

– june 2013, sydney, a night on a rocking boat with the howling wind for company