aprender español

I have decided to take note of my Spanish journey, just to keep track and actually be aware that I improved. Right now I’m at a truly basic level – I can’t formulate a whole sentence on my own, at best I point to things and sprout a few words – naranja? bebe agua? hasta luego! 

I had an intercambio for the first time last week, Alan has been a really encouraging partner and I actually look forward to each session! Plus, I get excited and I think it’s almost hilarious whenever he speaks in Chinese to the stall holders. Perfecto! I feel like I’m learning, really, and each time I walk back after I catch myself practising the rolling of my ‘r’s all the way home. My ‘r’s have been improving – the other day I felt my tongue quivering at the tip of my palatal area (still unsure if it’s the hard or soft palate). I listen to Ben and Marina on my train journeys and though I still don’t understand a large chunk of it, I look forward to the day I do.

Which will come, that I am sure 🙂
Keep you updated again!

Hasta luego,



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