they gave these to us as tokens of appreciations – such talents!!

after a day of scraping the paint, the tiny flakes clouding our hair, we were done! (scraping)

my grades 6-8 teaching team 🙂 🙂

I think I really like these things.
By 10pm I can feel my head all woozy, floaty from fatigue 
We slump our bodies onto the beds 
Some snore as soon as their heads touch the pillow
These days it is physically and mentally exhausting 
But days are getting fun
Today we played the orientation games I played (TUKI TUKI TUKI!!!)
We laughed and laughed
We learned viet words 
When I see them and they look at me shyly and hold my hands and call my name
When they race to the boards to answer the questions
When they eagerly listen and repeat after our words
I feel happy
This is becoming a familiar space-to-place 

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