each night as soon as my head touches the pillow
i fall asleep within a minute

by 10pm i am barely thinking
zoned out, cutting and pasting for a little bit
(except for supper sessions with my roomies)

but it has been tremendously fun, and i must say that days like these i feel contentedly happy
as with baan rak thai – tiring, but happy. 🙂

we are getting increasingly acquainted with the class, but it’s also true that we are leaving soon
i love it when the girls braid my hair, though i do not show it much
i am always secretly happy when she asks me to sit down and starts braiding my hair for me
how affectionate it feels, gestures like these
when she picks up strands of my hair i feel comforted, i feel warmth

nicole mentioned – is it possible to not play favourites? this is something i considered before
like her, i once told myself i’d try my best not to, seeing how i was the quiet invisible girl in class for many years
but the fact is – as she mentioned – some people catch your attention more readily and it’s far easier to get acquainted with them
i guess it is almost inevitable but it’s a reminder to myself to try to make every child feel worthy

but when he hands me the grapes
and brings me a cup of the soft drink – specially for me!
i cant help but melt for a bit
this naughty boy has such a sincere streak
(the the chick, really?!?!)
i liked it very much

my cap

which is now gone boohoo

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