Leaving Vietnam – Danang, again

My affection for cities compound whenever I wander around its streets alone. Soaking in the little details of interactions and decor, all the little quirks that occur spin paragraphs of thoughts in my mind. Thank you Hue! :’)

Caught the sleeper bus back to Danang for my flight due the next day – it was beyond comfortable.
Upon getting off the bus with my backpack I had less than $7 sgd for 2d1n. Poor as I was, I wanted to walk the 3.3km to my hostel. Motorbike uncle asked me where I was going – I said I had no money. Somehow he offered to take me to my hostel for free; the other uncles looked surprised and roared into some kind of dialogue in Vietnamese. The coffeeshop auntie smiled as well. I decided to get on. 
Was mentally prepared to jump if he had brought me to some ulu place but I’M HERE ALIVE KINDNESS & FREE RIDES EXIST!!!! I was ecstatic when I arrived in front of my hostel (Funtastic Danang Hostel) – really, truly, this kind man gave me a free ride and spared me from a 3km walk under the sun!! So so touched :’)
#selfie with motorbike uncle, plus my beaming face of joy

Here, I was driven to a cafe along some kind of cafe street of the city. It was small and cosy, and the owner of the cafe was lovely. We had a short chat and he reminded me of how happiness can be simple. He gave up his masters degree halfway, his art work and deskbound job and decided to come back from the States back here, he just needed a simple life.

Would also like to comment that the Funtastic Danang Hostel is one of the best hostels I’ve been to. Clean and incredibly new (only afew months old for now) I paid less than $5.85 usd per night (~8sgd) and it had good facilities, free breakfast, lockers and slippers!

I guess my desire to Escape has been quelled. Until the next time 😉 

On my way back, what I’m feeling is a bundle of gratitude for my current stage in life. I think I’m an incredibly blessed 22 year old with the chance to travel, good education, a roof over my head and home-cooked food to eat. 


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