bkk 2014


Bangkok, Land of Smiles –
Sailing along the gritty, grimy streets I couldn’t help but compare it to Vietnam. The hordes of motorcycles I had witnessed just the day before were replaced by trails of cars – pretty new ones too; the roads also seemed newer (cleaner) in comparison to the roads I had strolled across. Words, etched across the giant boards, were similarly foreign like before.



all the electrical jolts






so greedy one

prize presentation ceremony



I suppose life truly works in mysterious ways. Sometimes as I sit in the restaurant, in the bar, along the bridge I look at the 2 boys and it still hits me as almost bizarre that I was here, in bangkok, with them. Not that I expected never to cross paths with them again – but in these ways, the sets of circumstances that led to where we were today… Just not what I could have pictured. Yet it feels almost like the gap of those years didn’t pass that much – though they did, of course. Years of histories and chunks of life had flashed us by, but somehow it still felt a little like 15-16 year olds saying the same jokes and giving the same bullshit again, unchanged. I asked, will you still talk to me like that when I’m 50? I suspect so, and nope, that’s not really bad at all.

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